About Business Partner Marketing Group Overview

BPMG is a dynamic team of Designers, Sales, Marketing, Digital Media
and Technology specialists. We bring a wide range of experiences, ideas,
creative, perspectives and approaches - and results - to every project.

Our philosophy is that all Marketing is a strategic long-term Business
Investment that demands more than just some "flashy graphics" and
a social media presence.

Our consultative approach is to work with clients to create deep results
potential by using our insights of their clients' needs and perspectives.

We focus on building value by creating unique messages and materials
that actually get seen and produce results.

By comparison, cheap, free, DIY or templated materials are often never
looked-at and send mixed or wrong messages on every level, while a
rapidly waning social media effort just abandons commited prospects.

We live to make messages stand out and get acted-on with Memorable
Creative Messages, two Key Success Elements, and Great Deployment.

To get better results and higher ROI from your Marketing, ... change it!
For great Marketing that reaches recipients and really works, get BPMG!

BPMG was founded in 2002 as a premier
Marketing, Advertising & Solution source
for IBM Business Partners & IT Resellers
But, we grew quickly to service a wide range of businesses, including ...

  •   Retailers
  •   Manufacturers
  •   Business Services
  •   IT Creators, VARs & Distributors
  •   Real Estate, Property Management
  •   Construction & Building Materials

Our Business is Making Yours
More Successful™

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